Book Review! ” Was It the Chocolate Pudding?”



“Was It the Chocolate Pudding?” By: Sandra Levins Illustrated By: Bryan Langdo

“Was It the Chocolate Pudding?” is the story of two brothers and their experience with chocolate pudding. After the brothers have a little too much fun with their chocolate pudding, they see and hear their parents arguing. Shortly after, their parents separate and divorce. This story is about the perception of the brother’s chocolate pudding experience causing the divorce. At the end of the story, the brother’s learn that divorce is not caused by the children, but rather because of grown-up difficulties.


What is Biblio-Therapy?

I love Biblio-therapy! Biblio-Therapy is when a story is used to generate conversation in therapy. Books used in Biblio-Therapy are specifically chosen by the therapist for their content.

Biblio-Therapy pairs perfectly with Play Therapy! It is often easier for children to talk about and or play out parts of a story from the book character’s perspective.

As a Play Therapist, I enjoy using Biblio-Therapy to approach ideas and or concepts with my clients. Using Biblio-Therapy allows the client to be open to the idea from the perspective of the character, without fear of blame, shame or guilt. Biblio-Therapy can also reduce feelings of isolation, or difference.

Stephanie Heitkemper, MA, LPC


Stephanie specializes in working with children and family around change. Since 2009, Stephanie has actively worked throughout the nation supporting grieving children and their families. Stephanie’s ability to work with multiple people in the room, can make difficult and sensitive topics easier to work through.

Stephanie is trained as a Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) from Regis University. In addition to Marriage Family Therapy work, Stephanie practices as a Play Therapist. Stephanie utilizes play therapy and expressive therapy to help children express themselves in their natural language. Stephanie is a certified as a Trauma and Loss Specialist and Trauma Informed Assessment Specialist through the National Institute of Trauma and Loss in Children. Stephanie also practices EMDR.

As a third culture child, Stephanie attended nine schools before graduating high school. Stephanie attributes her experience as a military child, paired with being sister to a brother with Cystic Fibrosis for fostering her compassion, and patience for working with children, families, couples and individuals.

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Blog: How Can Play Therapy Help?

I have often been told that Play Therapy sounds to fun to be effective! Here are some ways that Play Therapy can be used to help children and their families.

Play therapy can help children and their families:

  • Process and begin work towards healing around past stressful or traumatic experiences
  • Create a healthy and safe way to express emotions
  • Encouraging communication around creative thoughts and ideas
  • Foster development of healthy decision making skills
  • Create boundaries to increase communication around concerns and problems
  • Create an understanding and meaning around grief, loss, and change (separation, divorce, dating, remarriage, moving, natural disaster, job deployment etc.)
  • Develop positive coping skills to develop new thoughts and behaviors.